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Can you hear me ?
Can you see my pain?
Do you feel The same?
I hope. Everything is possible when you belive.
To belive on dreams is the only way to go out of your pain.
But when you doesn´t belive, your dreams can´t be true.
Can you go with me the way, that the dreams will gone?
In my dreams you´ll be there on my side.
I am breathless but also i feel the pain in my heart.
I want to see you, but do you want to see me ?
You can see me, i know it. But you say nothing.
You look in my eyes and i feel that you love me.
I can´t belive it. Every feels so right.
I hope it will never stop. <3
12.5.09 20:33


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/ Website (12.5.09 21:50)
i am by your side. <3

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